Tai Chi, Qigong and Reiki Courses in Bexley and South East London

Why do Reiki

Below are direct quotes from former students about how learning Reiki has helped them (used with permission). Names have been withheld to maintain confidentiality.
"Reiki and meditation has helped me a lot. I'm less stressed and hardly ever worry which was always a problem for me. I will continue to use these methods to help me become a happier person."

"Reiki has given me a different perspective on healing and relaxing the body through connecting with a 'greater' force, light, energy!
It has encouraged me to seek alternatives to the 'norm' for health."

"Reiki has helped me to have a positive outlook on life and using the precepts daily helps to put things into perspective. The self-treatments have also reduced my stress and helped me to relax, sleeping much better too." [The Reiki precepts are a simple, five-step code to live by].

"Reiki has helped me in different ways.
  1. To think more positively
  2. To calm myself down by way of meditation
  3. Help to heal myself and others
  4. To create a more positive atmosphere around me
  5. Positivity at work place
  6. Accept things and people as they are."
"The meditation I learnt through Reiki has helped me learn to become more focused and relaxed!"

"Reiki has helped me to become more mindful and introduce precepts which I am trying to live my life by. Reiki teaches you to be aware of others needs and the benefit you gain in giving Reiki is very effective."

"I feel much less stressed and am now able to calm myself down when I start to get anxious, by using the meditation techniques."

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