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Reiki Treatments

Rhonda at Abundant Energy provides Reiki treatments giving you an opportunity to totally relax, rebalance and feel more positive. Rhonda's hands are placed on or above the body and the energy then begins flowing, accelerating the bodies own natural healing ability.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) means Universal Life Energy. It is a system that originated in Japan although the use of energy (ki) is known in other cultures - Chi or Qi in China, Prana in India. Rhonda will work with the Reiki energy for the client's benefit for relaxation, strengthening internal energy or as a healing treatment.

Internal energy runs through pathways (meridians) in the body and when these become blocked, e.g. through stress, illness can result. Rhonda's strong connection with the flow of energy is channelled through her hands to the client activating the body's ability to heal itself, bringing their energy systems into balance on many levels.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments with Rhonda at Abundant Energy can be an incredibly positive experience, resulting in deep relaxation and an improvement in well-being. You remain fully clothed, close your eyes and there may be some gentle, relaxing music playing in the background. Rhonda will gently rest her hands on or above you, non-intrusively, in a series of positions from the crown of the head to the feet. Each hand position is held for a few minutes and as the energy flows into you, most people will feel warmth, heat, or tingling from Rhonda's hands.

Reiki Synthesis

"Reiki synthesis" makes use of advanced techniques to work on more specific problems and feelings or emotions that need to be released. The technique focuses more precisely on shifting unhelpful states of mind such as anger, frustration, low self-esteem, sadness, guilt...and helps to produce more useful states like confidence, calmness, improved focus. The process is easily tailored to what the individual needs and includes "Reiki Emotional Integration", a special breathing technique which can also be used after the treatment.

How much will it cost?

  • 1 hour Reiki Treatment - 40
  • Pre-paid course of 4 treatments 140

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