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Abundant Energy’s Retreat at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  19-21 October 2018

Our retreat got off to a great start once everyone had arrived, with a guided tour of the Chalice Well Gardens at dusk followed by a tasty meal then silent meditation in the upper room. The time ticked by as we all sat in the calm stillness and no-one could believe how long they’d been silently meditating for.

It was still dark early the next morning when, wrapped up warmly, we prepared to climb the Glastonbury Tor. It felt like we were going the wrong way initially as we walked through a field with fuzzy blobs in the distance which turned out to be sleeping sheep! Then the shape of the tor started to appear and as we climbed in total darkness St Michael’s tower at the top appeared, dark and foreboding. We had walked up the Tor in silent meditation which heightened our senses and it was so beautiful even other people who climbed after us were holding the silence.

We gathered to practice Qigong connecting to energy from the earth and pulling down heavenly energy as the sky slowly started to lighten. In the valleys around the Tor we could see the mists of Avalon and it felt like we were on that ancient island of myth and magic. As dawn broke, through the silence came the early morning birdsong as Glastonbury awakened. The air was cool and the atmosphere was so peaceful. It is refreshing to know that in this materialistic world with its pollution and abuse to the environment there are still people who want to get up early and in total silence watch the sunrise in a beautiful place.

“Sunrise on the Tor was out of this world – felt like I was in another dimension and filled with awe”.

The Chalice Well Gardens are charged with energy and the Michael and Mary ley lines cross the garden so it was an obvious choice to focus the weekend on sensing energy, building the energy within ourselves and moving it around the body. We did this through various Tai Chi and Qigong forms including physical movements, meditations and the use of sounds. Angela from Angela’s Tai Chi School (ATCS) introduced Tai Chi 8 form which was the first experience of Tai Chi for our Qigong students but also contained challenges for the more experienced Tai Chi members in our group. Angela was our Co-ordinator for the weekend and did an excellent job supporting and working alongside Rhonda, assisting people in our group including Rachel at mealtimes and being her usual bubbly self!

“The sessions on offer had been carefully planned and flow of the entire weekend was perfect.”

The sessions were... “ very well-balanced with continuity breaking each element into workable segments.”

“ There was a good range of activities and space in between.”

There was plenty of time to spend in the gardens, both practicing Qigong, taking photographs and relaxing.

“Beautiful gardens and electric atmosphere.”

Late on Saturday night, with a few torches, we made our way through the garden and formed an energy circle around the head of the Well. It heightened our senses, everyone had their own experience of the energy and there was a deep sense of peacefulness.

“I wanted a deep spiritual connection and I got it on several occasions. It’s encouraged me to delve more into my spirituality.”

The weather throughout the weekend was better than we could have imagined and the warmth and blue skies meant we were able to sit outside on Sunday to eat our lunch. All of the food at our retreat was plant-based, incredibly healthily and prepared by Rachel from Herb-a-licious. Rachel made a great contribution to the weekend by not only preparing the delicious food but by sharing her knowledge, ideas and recipes with passion and a ready smile.

“Rachel was so friendly”

“Excellent – want to try some of Rachels recipes when I get home. Plenty of food and great variation.”

A huge thank you to Rachel and Angela for being an invaluable part of our weekend and great members of the organising team. You can find out more about them on their websites (links below)

Finally, a few more comments about the retreat:

“Was pleasantly surprised with accommodation. Very homely and bright. “

“The retreat has been a truly inspirational experience.“

“...wonderful setting, fantastic food and lots of Qigong and Tai Chi.”

“Brilliant place, energy and food… weather was perfect!”

“Thank you Rhonda, Angela and Rachel, you all made my first retreat something amazing. Makes any future (retreat) have to be very special to even compare.”

“It’s exceeded my expectations for comfort, ambience, atmosphere.”

“This should become an annual event at Chalice Well”

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[Comments in speech marks were from feedback forms completed at the end of the retreat and used with permission]