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World Health Qigong Day Report

It was a hot and sunny day in Bexley, perfect for Health Qigong and a loyal group of students turned up to join in. The event was organised and led by British Health Qigong Association instructor Rhonda Bailey and took place in the beautiful landscaped gardens of Hall Place, an historic Tudor House built in 1537.

The theme of the day 'Let me teach you Health Qigong' was chosen well as people gathered to try out Qigong for the first time. Some people were hesitant to join in but after watching the Ba Duan Jin demonstration were keen to have a go. Wild geese and children watched with interest and a few even joined in! We also worked on Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 and Wu Qin Xi in the knowledge that we were connecting with other groups all around the world.

The event was enjoyed by all and really raised awareness of Health Qigong in Bexley. Lots of questions were asked by people who had come to the gardens for the afternoon not expecting a world event to be taking place and it was a great opportunity to distribute information, connect with people and raise the profile of Health Qigong.

By the end of the event about 25 people had joined in and others who had just watched were keen to come along to classes to learn the Health Qigong Routines. The group dispersed with many taking the opportunity to walk around the beautiful gardens and stop for afternoon tea in the Riverside Tea Room ...a perfect way to end the day.