Tai Chi, Qigong and Reiki Courses in Bexley and South East London

Workshop with Master Faye Li Yip

As anticipated, the workshop with Master Faye Yip from the Deyin Institute was brilliant and well-received by all the participants. Master Faye worked through the Tai Chi principles demonstrating how each one related to the form and explained how following the principles would improve each persons level. Like the great teacher she is, Master Faye praised students, made gentle corrections and adjusted positions throughout the day. Questions were asked and answered, giving a deeper understanding of what was required.  Master Faye demonstrated how correct body alignment helps to alleviate neck problems from too much time spent in front of the computer and emphasised how the slow movements strengthen leg muscles to support the knees. Her demonstrations of the Tai Chi form were exquisite and it was an honour to have someone who is so highly regarded in the Tai Chi community to come to Bexley and share her expertise.